August 25, 2020

On August 27th, 2019 we set out on a mission to feed the homeless and strays in the slums of Tondo. The streets of Tondo were littered with homeless people that gave up their own food for the strays on the streets.

Animal Rescue PH, a page on Facebook, was an independent volunteer for animal rescues with a rather large following. Despite the large following, the sad reality was that the page was not receiving enough funding to continue to support the strays.

We saw this as a chance to make a change. 

Together, Tony and I had set out to collaborate with Animal Rescue PH to start a feeding event. We recruited some volunteers and rented a van so that we could get started on feeding the strays and homeless. 

We were fortunate enough to find 10-16 volunteers that were willing to help us feed all the strays we could possibly find at the recycling plant and the abandoned ship where they sought shelter.

Their meals seen here were composed of rice and kibble as they were the cheapest ways to be able to feed more strays.

We also put together 30 care packages for the homeless and strays which included sardines, noodles, milk, rice, biscuits, formula, soap, coffee and laundry soaps.

With the help of the public and our own funding, we were able to host four events in total, feeding those who resided in the slums of Tondo.

Donations to help fund non-profit pages like Animal Rescue PH are what help bring feeding events to life.

Animal Rescue PH also currently houses over 100 pets in their care. To donate, please visit their Facebook page for more information.